About me

Entrepreneur, Coach, and Digital Marketing Expert. Founded JP Media Agency Ltd in 2016 to help small and medium-sized businesses increase their generated revenue through marketing and digital marketing strategies. 

Throughout the years, I mostly worked in Italy, Germany, and the UK where I improved my skills and broaden my knowledge. 

Throughout the years I have started and launched many online businesses: E-commerce, Youtube Automation, Blog and social communities, Affiliate Marketing Websites, Coaching and Tutoring, PR and Consultancy, Short term rentals co-hosting.

I have earned from them but also failed. That’s why I am considered an expert in online business models and know how I can start and launch a business from scratch with NO or LITTLE initial investment.

As a Business owner and a Coach, I can help small and medium-sized companies to achieve their goal and succeed.

I am the creator of the community and travel website Londra Solo Andata and more.

I am also involved in real estate and short-term rentals and am always looking for new partnerships. If you are on the hunt for help with your online presence and your social media or just want to start a collaboration get in touch with me. 

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Whatsapp +44 7440 215645