10 Essentials you should include in your Travel Packing List

 10 Essentials you should include in your Travel Packing List

Are you eventually packing your luggage for your holiday? Then make sure to bring all you need with you. Our travel packing list gives you a checklist of everything you need to travel safely, comfortably, and with style.

From travel documents to devices you should not forget to enjoy the best of your holiday. In this article you will find 10 essentials you should include in your Travel Packing List. Ready?

1. Passport

An RFID-blocking passport holder s essential to keep your passport safe and accounted for. Some travelers also like to make a copy of their passports, just in case they suddenly lose them.

2. Documents Required at Destination

We all travel smartly and light nowadays thanks to technology. However, not all travel agents are keen on digital documents shown on your phone. That is why it’s

a good idea to print your most important documents off before traveling. According to your travel destination, make sure to print and always carry with you:

  • pre-travel test, if needed,
  • vaccine certificate, if needed,
  • recovery certificate, if needed,
  • hotel confirmation or Airbnb receipt
  • Emergency contacts

3. Laptop & Charger

Sometimes we need to carry our laptops with us due to a tight schedule or a work deadline. However, you will discover how conventional laptops can be very heavy to carry. Instead, you might opt for an Ultraportable laptop .

They are great if you need to do some work while traveling. If it’s in your carry-on baggage, or if your backpack doesn’t have a laptop sleeve, you can also consider a padded sleeve to protect your laptop.

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4. Phone & Charger

Remember to turn off data roaming when boarding your flight. When you arrive and turn off airplane mode, you can collect unpleasant charges in other countries in seconds.

Your phone is a very important device, so a protective phone case is a worthwhile investment. Also, especially iPhone cables tend to fray and break, so consider a second cable charger.

5. Antibacterial Wipes

Great for keeping faucets, toilet seats, armrests, airplane trays, and all the tough services you encounter at both airports and planes. Especially after a pandemic.

6. Books and magazines or Kindle

Someone prefers to upload more books into a Kindle and simply carry one device with it. On the contrary, others tend to prefer traditional books and magazines. They even like to smell the pages while they turn them. Everyone is different, what can we do?

7. Travel Pillow

Invest in high-quality travel pillows instead of cheap pillows at the airport so you can relax and sleep on the plane, bus or car. Check out this suggestion for you. We highly recommend a high-quality travel pillow. Your head will be thankful.

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8. Sun lotions & after-sun cream

If you are heading to a summer destination, hence you will chill out on the beach, you’ll definitely will a sun lotion and surely an after-sun cream. This should be included in your travel packing list.

9. Cash or cards

Another feature you should take into account is money. Yes, whether you’d rather prefer pay by card or cash, you should consider carrying both. Cash is always a good alternative in case something goes wrong paying by card. Technology is a bit tricky sometimes.

10. Go Pro

Are you a travel photography lover? Well, then a Go Pro is a device you have to include in your travel packing list. You don’t have to worry about bringing it under the sea or while running, jumping, climbing, etc! That’s a real treasure, don’t you think so? If you want to stay updated on the latest news and watch the most luxurious accommodation in the world, follow our Instagram page!

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