I am a digital content creator and a trainer who works between Italy and the UK. Throughout the years, I mostly worked in Italy, Germany and the UK where I improved my skills and broaden my knowledge.

Living abroad is a good opportunity to look for new stories to tell. Between 2012 and 2014 I did my research on the Italian diaspora abroad and I produced two documentaries about the topic, one based in Berlin and the other in London.

In the last years, I worked as a contributor for several magazines and newspapers and as a TV and RADIO.

I boast significant collaborations with several newspapers and online magazines such as Londonita and Londra Italia, two Italian online magazines whose target is the Italian community in London, and Italia Living, an American online newspaper dedicated to the Italian luxury lifestyle. I also run two two travel blogs Sardinia2day and Londra Solo Andata. 

Yet, I am the CEO of Scream Loud Social, a Social media agency which help businesses in the fitness and healthcare industries to build their online reputation and generate leads converting them into paying customers.

Content creation is my passion! ❤️

I am always looking for new collaborations and amazing projects!

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