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About me

My name is JULI PISCEDDA, I am a  SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGER. I help businesses to grow and succeed by leveraging their social media marketing and social media advertising.

I have worked many years as a journalist, a content creator and as an fitness Instructor. Throughout the years, I have created many projects, built online communities and helped local businesses to boost their sales simply managing their online reputation strategically.

I specifically work with fitness and independent gyms looking for generating leads that can afford your service. These leads actually convert into paying members that fill in your schedules and classes quickly. 

You must be thinking: “I have got a Facebook page and a website but I don’t get as many clients as I expected”. I tell you why. Social media isn’t just posting randomly whatever you want. You need a strategy and you need it now.  Otherwise, your potential clients will book a table somewhere else and you don’t want that, do you?

If you want to see more clients sitting in your business, then you’d need to revise your strategy.  As a Social Media Expert, I know how using the right strategy can make the difference. That’s the reason why I am here. I am here to help your business to succeed by boosting your sales.

In fact, building a powerful ONLINE MARKETING AND COMMUNICATION PLAN might surely help your business to convert any potential leads in clients.  

So, what you can now is filling in the form below and ask for a FREE AUDIT about your business. I will identify your positioning, your current reach, any technical errors and potential reach of your online presence presence.

I will definitely help your business to get more clients and boost your sales.

Build your brand on the social media and boost your bookings!

Let me manage your online reputation and your social media in the right way!

One of the main issues with the presence of your business in social networks is the lack of care in responding to any interaction from possible users. That one called “engagement”. 

As a Social Media Manager, I am responsible for analysing and managing your online reputation and find the most successful social media strategy that helps you to get more clients hence more money. 


What are you doing wrong in your social media?

If you are on this page, you probably have realized that you need the help of a experienced Social Media Manager. Now, try to read some points that I have highlighted for you and that many businesses are completely doing wrong. 

If you recall in one of these, you definitely need my help. Therefore, I invite you to contact me in order to receive a FREE AUDIT. 

  • Incoherent publication
  • No respond to fan e follower's comments
  • Social pages not updated
  • Broken links and poor image quality
  • Copywriting non-existent or ineffective
  • Lack of time to turn leads into sales

How will I support you?

By constantly publishing, you will have a well-managed and indexed page with regular growth potential. What does that mean? The more people will follow you on Facebook, the better will be for your business as they lead to convert into potential customers. 

Instagram can be a very powerful Social Media if used properly. An effective editorial plan with constant publication and attractive content must be planned.  Instagram is the perfect social media to post photos of your business or services and let them go viral!


Taking care of the positioning on Google My Business you can be easily found from potential customers looking for a Fitness studio in the area. Google is in fact one of the most used tools by those looking for a particular service in their local area. And it allows you to be found immediately!


Someone says that due the social media, building a website is out-to-date. Completely wrong. A website is your opportunity to stand out from the crowd and beat the competition. A competitive website must be created without any technical errors, be mobile responsive and show a prominent call to action. 

That's my passion! ❤️

I have already helped many businesses to get more clients. What does the FREE AUDIT include?


Positioning analysis
  • Positioning Assessment
  • Current reach
  • Technical errors
  • Potential reach


Standard package
  • Free Audit
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Youtube
  • Facebook


Full package
  • Free Audit
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Youtube
  • Increase brand spending​
  • Increase SEO ranking
  • Google Adwords
  • Facebook Ads

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