The 5 best fish and chips in London

 The 5 best fish and chips in London

Fish and chips in London? Almost impossible to resist, but where should you go to taste a good hot dish of the English tradition? Here are five venues, including London’s oldest fish and chips restaurant, tried out for you.

Do you know what is the most popular English dish in the UK? Fish and chips, arrived on the island in the 19th century. It is a delicious cod fillet with golden breading served on a bed of crispy French fries. Fish and chips can be enjoyed either sitting comfortably in a local restaurant or as street food at one of the many market stalls in the city such as Camden Town, in the north or Brixton, in the south of London.

In the capital of fashion and finance, this delicious dish is a veritable institution. And in this article I recommend 5 best fish and chips in London where you can enjoy fish and chips prepared according to the Anglo-Saxon tradition.

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Furnished in the 1950s style, Poppies offers a vintage atmosphere and the staff in a retro uniform. Poppies is one of the most famous places where you can enjoy traditional fish and chips. If you are in the Shoreditch or Camden area (there are two restaurants) look for it, go and order a nice portion of fish and chips, and you will be satisfied.

Usually, the portions are rich and you can hardly finish it all. But don’t worry, the place offers to take away service. So if you give up on the last potato chip, don’t despair. Poppies will wrap it for you in a vintage package! And yes, in fact, the cover is very reminiscent of the old newspapers of the ’50s, and ’60s.

The Fish Club

Another fish and chips worth trying is The Fish Club. In the area of Clapham Junction, you will find two bars of the same chain. The particularity of this brand is its focus on sustainability. In fact, the staff is concerned to use only quality raw materials from the most cared for areas of the oceans. You can also choose from different types of fish and cook them at the moment. The choice is yours: fried or grilled?

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Kerbisher and Malt

From the Kerbisher and Malt chain, you’re spoilt for choice. In fact, there are 5 restaurants scattered throughout London. The fish is fresh and cooked only to order, thus avoiding wasting food or serving poor quality products. The products are all controlled and sourced from producers in the area. The chips are usually cooked twice with oils at different temperatures according to the good rule of the English tradition.

Baileys fish and chips

Bayles fish and chips is a little-known place by tourists, which makes it particularly pleasant and, above all, the products are of the highest quality. Located in the charming and affluent neighborhood of Fulham, the family-run restaurant began its history in the 1980s. The menu is varied and offers, in fact, both fish and meat dishes. Absolutely to try.

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Rock and sole plaice

A stone’s throw from central Covent Garden, Rock and Sole Plaice is London’s oldest fish and chips restaurant. Opened in 1871, the restaurant offers a rich menu for all tastes, both for fish lovers and vegetarians. The fish and chips of Rock and Sole Plaice is certainly one of the best in the city because it has kept the old Anglo-Saxon recipe according to which the bread must be tender but crispy.

These are the 5 best fish and chips in London that you should try at least once if you head to London. Have you ever been to one of those? Or have you eaten fish and chips somewhere else and you liked it? Join our community on Facebook and Instagram and let us know your opinion!

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