5 Luxurious Hotels in Rome

 5 Luxurious Hotels in Rome

Celebrating La Dolce Vita in Rome has always been your dream? Then, you should check one of these luxury hotels and suites.

Have you always dreamed of immersing yourself in the famous Roman Dolce Vita? With this list of 5 Luxurious Hotels in Rome, you will immerse in the romantic and elegant lifestyle of all time. Still, you can dream of Rome, one of the most exciting and wonderful cities in the world.

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Residenza Napoleone III

Owned by Emperor Napoleon III, the building became the residence of Princess Letizia Ruspoli, who turned a series of rooms into a single guest apartment.

Palazzo Ruspoli is located in the central Via del Corso and occupies the entire block. This impressive building is modeled after a stately townhouse. The interior is enriched by artistic and historical ornaments, such as murals on the steps of the magnificent entrance and busts of the Roman emperor. This hotel hosts a huge suite called Napoleon III and a roof garden suite.

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The Napoleon III Suite consists of three large and luxurious rooms, basically two living rooms and a large bedroom. The room is elegantly decorated and has many painted ceilings and oil paintings opposite the master bedroom, which hides a huge TV. Another painting leads to a spacious bathroom.

Another area is the Roof Garden Suite, an intimate and sophisticated hideaway surrounded by stunning views of the dome and roof of central Rome. The stairs to the bedroom are pretty steep, like a boat ladder, so I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone looking for a spacious location.


J.K Place Roma is one of the best hotels in the eternal city and one of the most imitated hotels. However, no copy can conflict with the original. The original is elegant, warm and creates a perfect style. Adjacent to the famous Spanish Staircase, the hotel is in an enviable strategic location with easy access to all major attractions such as the Vatican City and Centro Storico.

This is one of the most original examples of Celebrity Dolce Vita, thanks to its retro look and unique style. Prices may be straightforward, but additional services are free. The minibar is free and the buffet breakfast includes plenty of fruits and homemade pastries. The staff are always kind and friendly. There is no spa, but guests can’t complain at all.


Located in the heart of historic Rome, Gran Melia Rome is an elegant and spacious villa that was once a monastery and was built on the grounds of a suburban home of Emperor Nero’s mother. This enviable hotel offers a panoramic cityscape, lush gardens, and an outdoor pool. Located on Janiculam Hill between Rome’s famous Trastevere and Vatican districts, the hotel is far from the chaotic traffic jams of the eternal city.

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From this green hill, you can walk to the most famous Roman attractions and monuments such as Vatican City, Piazza Navona, Pantheon, and Ara Pacis. Other attractions such as the Roman Forum, Esquiline Hill, Villa Borghese, and Termini Train Station can be reached by public transport. The style is unique. The rooms, reception, and lounge areas combine vintage Italian and Spanish design with a contemporary flair.

As for the service, guests can simply relax and enjoy the splendor of this hotel, along with an outdoor pool, breathtaking views, and a full-service spa offering a variety of treatments. A spa, sauna, pool and personal trainer are available.


Have you ever dreamed of sleeping in a luxurious hotel room surrounded by art? You can make your dreams come true in one of the latest luxury hotels in the heart of Rome. It is located within the pedestrian area of Piazza Navona.

Despite its strategic location in the center, the luxury hotel is located on a quiet street. The building dates back to 1440. This hotel creates an original interior design between a five-star hotel and a contemporary art gallery.

The stunning hotel consists of 13 rooms, which are cozy and intimate, following the elegant style of Roman apartments. Bathrooms are fitted with a wealth of Emperador marble and luxurious amenities. A guest might look forward to getting a delicious Prosecco bottle to be opened upon arrival as a welcome kit.

Finally, guests can get a Nespresso machine in the room as a service that is offered on request. That means that they can wake up with the pleasant aroma and taste of delicious Italian coffee. What a good way to celebrate La Dolce Vita in the Eternal City!

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